Healthy Behaviors

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College life is full of choices, many of which significantly impact a student’s well-being.

Healthy behaviors 
are those that will have a positive effect on your health, performance and well-being. Whether its avoiding substance abuse and vaping, incorporating exercise and healthy eating, or getting the right amount of sleep and managing stress, making the right choices reap long-term benefits on your health and well-being.

Making Healthy Choices

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  • Alcohol & other drug use

    Students may underestimate the long-term effects of alcohol and other drugs may have on them. A few hours of “feeling good” may result in days of impaired mental clarity as well as a lack of motivation and fatigue.

    In addition, drinking beyond the body’s tolerable limits is linked to an increase in unintentional injuries and poor academic outcomes. One person's ability to consume these substances differs greatly from others based on factors such as sex, weight and genetics. Different substances evoke reactions unique to each individual, so don’t push yourself to over consume or match what someone else has taken.

    The Sandler Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Education strives to promote healthy behaviors through alcohol and drug education, student-led events and trainings. Through informative programming and interactive activities, Sandler Center peer educators foster conversations to educate their peers about the negative consequences of high-risk use of alcohol and other drugs.

  • Getting enough sleep

    Your actions during the day can have a major impact on your sleep. Such behaviors can promote healthy sleep or contribute to restless nights. As essential as sleep is to your overall health, most individuals take sleep for granted.

    Sleep deficiency can impact a student’s ability to learn and perform academically, their emotional well-being, and can potentially have detrimental health effects. Therefore, it is vital that students establish healthy sleep habits to improve their overall quality of life.

    The Student Health Service offers several educational and interactive sleep hygiene programs and workshops that focus on improving the quality of sleep by making a few slight adjustments while debunking common misconceptions. Its programs provide beneficial strategies and tools that encourage positive health behaviors and promotes academic achievement.