Healthy Brain

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Transitioning into and persisting through college life presents many stressors that can affect your mental health in a variety of ways.

A healthy brain can learn, concentrate, maintain an active and clear mind, and effectively regulate emotions. Learning healthy coping mechanisms to deal with these stressors can help you to maintain your mental health and thrive in new ways!

Maintaining a Healthy Brain

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  • Practicing self-help

    WellTrack is an interactive self-help and therapy app offered by that provides students with tools and resources to help deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. Students can download the app here at and begin monitoring their mood, noticing patterns, and learning strategies to improve their mental health.

  • Staying connected to mental health information

    Counseling Outreach Peer Education (COPE) is a group of peer educators that offers programming centered around topics that impact one's mental health. Its workshops and events include coping strategies, interactive dialogues, and the opportunity to connect with peers experiencing similar stressors.

  • Seeking professional aid

    The University of Miami Counseling Center strives to optimize the psychological and emotional well-being of our diverse university community.