Healthy 'Cane Network

We work together so that our students are successful.

The Healthy 'Cane Network is a collaborative effort within the Division of Student Affairs that supports students' overall well-being and fosters an environment where students can exceed their potential now and into the future. 

The network interweaves the programs, services, and facilities of:

Prioritizing Student Well-Being

College can be challenging. For many students, it is the first time they are granted this much independence. Juggling classes, study time, and activities often leave little time for self-care, ultimately affecting well-being. As part of its strategic planning process, the Division of Student Affairs identified student well-being and resiliency as a top priority.

Well-Being and Resiliency

Enabling students to be successful learners and engaged members of a global society by providing them with the necessary mental and physical health support as well as equipping students with the necessary dynamic resiliency, coping, and conflict management skills to address personal and interpersonal challenges in life.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn multiple pathways to mental and physical well-being by participating in intentional programs and services.

Students will learn skills directly related to dynamic resiliency, coping, and conflict management.