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Canes Vote

NSLVE Data Analysis

Transportation to the Polls 2016According to Tufts University’s National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement (NSLVE) report, UM students voted at a higher rate during the 2012 presidential election than the 2014 midterm election. In 2012, UM’s voting rate was 50.1% and our registration rate was 83.2%. Although our 2014 election rate (15%) was substantially lower than our 2012 rate, we are interested in learning the best ways to mobilize our students to vote by enhancing their democratic engagement. Using this data, UM has made a commitment to implement strategic civic participation endeavors across campus by creating a coalition committed to increasing our voting rates in future presidential and midterm elections.

2016 Election Cycle

During this election cycle, GOTV’s work resulted in: the registration of 2,500 students, faculty and staff, 1,200 student written pledges to vote, 230 students making use of Early Voting shuttles to the polls, an 82% turnout at the campus polling site (Watsco Center), which ranked 12th out 784 precincts in Miami-Dade County, the attendance of 1,500 at the Election Day at the Rathskeller event, and an increased campus engagement overall that incorporated the Graduate School, Law School, Medical School, RSMAS, and Undergraduate Schools.

Election Night at the Rat 2016